Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Round 18 October 15 to October 28

This Round's posts focus on Service.

Take some time to visit Care2.com where you can take action for what you believe in by signing online petitions, taking part in the suggested daily actions, or searching for local volunteer opportunities.

Help out your community by taking advantage of the various volunteering opportunities listed on Volunteer New Jersey or the NJ Cares Network .

What could be better than playing free online games while donating to your favorite charity? At Games That Give , you can play a variety of games, such as Blackjack and Sudoku, while the charity of your choice receives donations, courtesy of a little of your downtime.

The website JustFreeStuff has a page of "Click to Donate" sites. Just clicking on the links on these sites generates donations because it shows sponsors that there are a lot of people visiting that page. The causes range from literacy to animal rescue.


  1. The Games that Give link seems to be broken. Also, don't forget FreeRice.com, a great site that donates food to the UN World Hunger Program

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    I fixed the Games That give link. It should work now. And I will be sure to mention Free Rice in the next post. That's a good one!

  3. Anonymous,
    Freerice was included in the post for Round 14, "More fun Activities to Explore" on august 15, 2009. Chris